Why to invest in this books?

As with any textbooks, the present textbooks are just that: a basis for learning. They will come alive in the classroom only through the teacher.

Let’s not deceive ourselves: there is no universal panacea for the middle or high school math problems in the U.S.

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How we are going to add more value to the students?

A Cultural Shift Several features of the textbooks, which are typically ignored or de-emphasized in standard U.S. high school curricula, represent a cultural shift in how mathematics is viewed and studied in the U.S., but which are very well-known around the world and have been adopted by many countries for decades, if not centuries.

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Approach and methodology of education

If it were up to me, up through 11th grade high school students would study a good balance of Algebra and Geometry topics, mixed with some Number Theory, Combinatorics, Probability, and Statistics. And only in 12th grade, with a solid preparation and math maturity under their belts, would they venture into advanced concepts such as limits, continuity, and derivatives, which comprise about half of Calculus BC

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History of Archimed Ltd

About Archimath

The story of Archimedes Publishing House begins in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1980, when Prof. Georgi Paskalev collects and solves all math problems given to this moment in Bulgaria on exams for entering higher schools and universities. He publishes a book with the solutions.

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