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Mathematics Workbooks and Textbooks

Archimath Publishing LLC

Archimath motivates and supports school students to become successful with the help of the most popular math textbook series in Bulgarian public schools. This program has been adapted to the US curriculum, meets the Common Core Standarts and has been successfully implemented in several schools in the California Bay Area.

Many children who expand their understanding using Archimath see growth in areas of algebra, geometry, and creative problem solving. It is the best preparation for middle and high school students to tackle college mathematics and beyond. Materials that should be in school, but are often not!

You can check out our demos and choose between paperback and online  formats.

What we offer:

Textbooks with brief Answer Key

Online Materials

            Math Workbooks and Worksheets

Why us?


Еach lesson includes:

• Conceptual examples that illustrate new concepts and demonstrate solutions of related problems.
• A clear summary of new theories, formulas and algorithms.
• Brief answer key at the back of the textbook.

Optimized for Independent Learning

Our program is comprehensive and easy to understand, written in a straightforward and simple manner. Suitable for students who are motivated learners and are ready to explore new material, as well as providing a resource for kids working with parents or tutors. The lessons are written so that children can read them.

Straight to the Point and Self-Contained

Everything is crystal clear: each lesson is on exactly 2 pages. No need to search for other sources. The textbooks have all of the background material that one may need.

Plenty of exercises

Each textbook lesson includes up to ten exercises to strengthen understanding and develop skills. Problems always reinforce previous knowledge without needless repetition, by introducing new applications of familiar topics. "Spiral" curriculum where each new grade revisits topics that extend the students understanding.

Learning to Think Deeply

This program supports learners' deep conceptual understanding, and develops the ability to transfer learned skills to new mathematical contexts.

Logic, Proofs and Problem-solving education

A key strand of the curriculum is learning to distinguish correct and flawed reasoning, and to express one’s mathematical ideas smoothly, convincingly and logically, using numbers, drawings, and narratives.

Online Math Textbooks (PDF)

Paperless education

The benefits of the paperless books are varied and apply to both teachers and students. The first advantage is simply not having any physical paper that can be lost or forgotten and that may perish over time. 

The most obvious advantages are price and portability. E-textbooks cost considerably less than paper versions, and students can carry a whole semester’s worth of e-textbooks around without needing heavy backpacks. They are also easy to search and navigate, making it easy to find specific information quickly and efficiently.

The use of a scanned materials eliminates the problem of students forgetting their work, and there is no longer any need for them to carry heavy books to class – so no excuses!


What people are saying

While attending Berkeley High School during our one-year family visit to the U.S. from Brazil, our son participated in the pilot 9A-9B groups of the 2018-2019 Math Taught the Right Way (MTRW) Program. Program, based on the translated Bulgarian Program. Being one of the top students in his school in Brazil, Mikhail already liked mathematics. However, he lacked the culture of proof-writing and was not a fan of Geometry. The (MTRW) Program Proofs and Geometry courses were challenging, demanding, and even frustrating in the beginning. He had to work hard to keep up, but he progressed quickly. It all paid off in the end: he gained self-confidence, he learned how to write and organize his proofs, and very importantly, he is now on a first name basis with Geometry.
Iryna Kashuba
MTRW Parent
Professor of Mathematics
University of Sao Paulo
Again and again, I find that the Bulgarian curriculum has problems that are designed to force students to improve their critical thinking skills. Most often, this is a consequence of studying not only the most common sorts of examples and exercises, but also the strange boundary cases and modifications of standard problems. This gets students to take a step back and think about when and why our formulas and algorithms work, rather than blindly memorizing. Many of the 8B topics are addressed much later in the typical American math curriculum, often not until high school. Students with a competent background are absolutely prepared to study functions and their transformations, to examine important modeling concepts like direct and inverse variation, and to make judgment calls on the most efficient method for solving a particular system of linear equations. If they are trained to understand WHY, they can handle technical intricacies like domain restrictions and piecewise functions and inequalities involving absolute values. The Bulgarian textbooks hit these topics head on, and I have found that the students appreciate being given more of the full story from the beginning.
Kelli Talaska, Ph.D.,
University of California at Berkeley,
Math Taught the Right Way Program Berkeley Math Circle
“The authors of the textbook series have done a masterful job of adapting this curriculum to the U.S. reality. The U.S. Education System needs this kind of prodding. The Common Core ideas are heading in the right direction but the instruments of change are too unwieldy and we cannot just stand by and wait to see what will happen."
Tom Rike
Veteran Math Teacher
Oakland High School

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