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Archimath Books

The story of Archimedes Publishing House begins in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1980 when Prof. Georgi Paskalev collects and solves all math problems ever to appear on a high school or university admission exam in the country. Inspired to help his son, Plamen Paskalev, who was actively studying for one of the exams, he published all solutions in a new book. Until 2004, the author continued to monitor the higher education institutions’ admission tests and issue various textbooks related to the preparation for them. The books he released enjoy exceptional interest, large circulations and have been reissued repeatedly. These books’ success would’ve been impossible without the invaluable help of his wife, Zdravka Paskaleva. She and Georgi Paskalev became the power team. Between 1997-2004, the authors wrote a full range of textbooks in mathematics from 5th to 12th grade, setting new standards for the methodology of teaching mathematics. As a result, their work enjoyed high popularity among teachers.

A few years later, Plamen Paskalev took the lead of the new publishing house. He joined the authors’ team and published a collection of tests for high-school admission preparation. This book becomes the first title released under the “Archimedes” brand.

Today the textbooks are in the safe hands of a team of experienced mathematicians Plamen Paskalev, Maya Alashka, Raina Alashka.

Over the years, the publishing house has successfully branched out in other fields and genres. Archimedes started to publish new textbooks in informatics, information technology, history, geography, chemistry, all written by popular experts in the respective fields. Many famous Bulgarian authors entrust their new books to Archimedes. The publishing house also publishes translations of foreign fiction work, as well as educational and journalistic literature. The company’s mission is always to explore and implement new creative ideas. Archimedes is an active member of the Bulgarian Book Association and a regular participant in Bulgarian book exhibitions. The publishing house’s presence at the mathematical conferences of the Union of Mathematicians in Bulgaria becomes a tradition.

In 2010, the COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN SCIENTIFIC AND CULTURAL COMMUNITY awarded ARCHIMEDES Publishing House with the honorary award “GOLDEN BOOK” for contribution to the development of the Bulgarian culture.

After all these years, the family academic tradition remains. Around the same time, Georgi Paskalev Jr. (Plamen Paskalev’s son and Georgi Paskalev’s grandson) moved to the US to study at a university in Chicago. During his studies there, he noticed that many American students have trouble with the math curriculum. The textbooks are not quite logically structured and balanced; the material is insufficient, and the guidelines seemed to fall short. Georgi shared with his father that his classmates often felt unmotivated and lost when it comes to math.

Plamen, on the other hand, felt the need to try to make a change and help American students who felt that way. He best knows that math should be interesting, fun, and easily understandable, not scary and overwhelming.

His idea to launch a series of math student books in English remained unfulfilled until he crossed paths with Zvezdelina Stankova in 2015. Zvezdelina is a Teaching Professor of Mathematics at the University of California at Berkeley, the Founder of Berkeley Math Circle, and the Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad’s Co-Founder.She was looking for suitable textbooks for children with a strong interest in mathematics at the Berkeley Math Circle. With no luck finding these books on the US market, she decided there is a need for an entirely new textbook. She knew that she liked the methodological qualities of the textbooks of Archimedes Publishing House very much, so she offered to partner up with us. Thrilled by the prospective partnership, Plamen Paskalev and Zdravka Paskaleva happily agreed; after all, this is all Plamen had been waiting for.

Of course, the new books are adapted to those in California curricula and the requirements of Berkeley Math Circle.Prof. Zvezdelina Stankova shows exceptional abilities. She translates, complements, and aligns the new editions with the Common Core Mathematics Standards. Archimedes shapes, issues, and distributes them in the USA. The newly formed team created 8 textbooks and 8 workbooks for 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade in the first four years. The creation of books for 10th grade is in progress.

In 2020, Archimedes registered its US subsidiary: ArchiMath, which is engaged in promoting and selling textbooks and supplies in the USA.

Archimedes became the first Bulgarian publishing house to start working with schools in the United States. The math publisher’s curriculum for grades 6 to 10 is already successfully translated and used in California. It was presented to world-renowned scientists and received approval. The team is currently presenting to teacher and research unions in the United States. The first to study from Archimedes’ textbooks were:

1. Tehiyah Day School (El Cerrito, CA), a private non-denominational Jewish K-8 school (grades kindergarten through 8th grade)


Head of School: Deborah Massey

2. “Math Taught the Right Way”, a new weekly program in conjunction with the Berkeley Math Circle-Upper at UC Berkeley (grades 5-12)

Director: Prof. Zvezdelina Stankova

3. Geffen Academy, a new middle/high school at UCLA, to commence in Fall 2017 (grades 6-12)

Head of Math Department: Dr. Oleg Gleizer

Our Team

Who is behind ArchiMath


Plamen Paskalev

Founder & CEO

Founder and manager for 20 years of Archimedes publishing house and generator of new ideas and achievements in the company.
Editor and author of textbooks in mathematics from preschool to high school education


Zvezda Stankova


Professor Zvezdelina Stankova is Director of Berkeley Math Circle
In 2012, she was listed in Princeton Review’s “ 300 Best Professors
She co-founded the Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad
PhD, Teaching Professor, UC Berkeley


George Paskalev

Digital Marketing Expert

Expert in the fields of digital marketing and product development.
He helped establish ArchiMath, the American arm of his family’s business, Archimedes Publishing House, based in Bulgaria.


Federika Levanti

Marketing Expert

Federika Levanti is Marketing and Project Management specialist, she takes care of our brand presence on the internet.