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Plamen Paskalev

Who is behind Archimath


Plamen Paskalev

Founder & CEO

Plamen Paskalev is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics, author of dozens of scientific publications in mathematics and mechanics, collections and guides for students, and articles on math education challenges. He has taught at USEA, the University of National and World Economics, and the German Language High School in Sofia for several years. He is the founder and CEO of Archimedes Publishing House (est. in 1999). For over 20 years at Archimedes Publishing House, he’s been the creative force behind its many innovations and achievements. In 2004, he founded the Union of Publishers of Textbooks & Curriculum Materials in Bulgaria, where he is still the chairman. An education expert, Plamen’s work includes teaching mathematics, compiling and checking tests and exams, assisting in exams, scientific work, and participation in scientific forums (11 publications in mathematics, theoretical mechanics, and methodology). He’s worked on textbooks (12) for students and pupils. He is the leading author of a methodical manual on higher mathematics in 3 volumes, which is one of the latest developments of a similar type and a similar volume in the country.

An editor of mathematical texts, expertise, and consultations in mathematics and IT. An editor and author of textbooks in mathematics from preschool to high school education.<br>
As an educator, he has been a teacher, assistant, senior assistant, and chief assistant in his long-lasting career.

An author of many articles on the problems of education in the Bulgarian newspapers “Dnevnik”, “Kapital”, “Standart,” and more.

An author of works in the fields of sociology, political science, and psychology. Plamen is a native Bulgarian speaker and proficient in Russian, German, and English.