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Mathematics Textbook 9B Grade

ArchiMath Publishing LLC

Authors: Zvezdelina Stankova, Zdravka Paskaleva, Maya Alashka, Raina Alashka

Pages: 296

ISBN: 978-954-779-303-3

Available:  PDF

The fourth year of the Bulgarian Math curriculum solidifies and expands the foundation built in the first three years. 

The 9B Textbook is for use in class as the main
source of material to be covered:
• The Textbook Examples are the core of the
class discussion and work.
• The Textbook Exercises can be done in class
or assigned for homework.
• Answers to all Exercises are in the back of the
textbook. Thus, writing only answers brings
no credit, while good reasoning and organized calculations may earn a lot of credit.
9B Workbook Part II consists of Lesson Worksheets, identical to the textbook examples, with
spaces for writing solutions. These worksheets
are intended for classwork or for review at home.
9B Workbook Part I, or the 9B Problems Collection (PC), contains numerous problems. The PC:
• will save the teacher time in searching for
more problems of various difficulty.
• can be used for independent work by the student, to assign homework, to conduct tests,
and for practical work with applications.
The problems in the 9B PC correspond to each
chapter in the 9B Textbook, grouped in 3 levels:
Level A: For Everyone.
• Level A problems are for all students.
They will strengthen and extend the basic knowledge and skills needed to understand the 9B material.
Level B: For Excellent Preparation
• Level B problems should be addressed by
any student who wishes to master the 9B
material and obtain excellent preparation
for future math courses.
Level C: For Math Contests
• Level C problems are intended for students who wish to go beyond the 9B textbook material and/or to prepare for math
contests. These problems will prove to be
significantly more challenging