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Mathematics Workbook 7A Grade

ArchiMath Publishing LLC

Authors: Zvezdelina Stankova, Zdravka Paskaleva, Maya Alashka, Raina Alashka

Pages: 136 

ISBN: 978-954-779-211-1

Available: Paperback & PDF

To start the second year of this series, the 7th grade workbooks give the students a quick recap of the 6A and 6B material before delving into new topics. 


The 7A math Workbook will strengthen the basic knowledge
and skills needed to master the 7A material. To each topic
in the 7A Textbook correspond problems in the 7A Workbook
that every student should be able to solve. Some problems
have a solution and some have the beginning of a solution.
After working on such problems, students should be able to
complete on their own the remaining problems.

The 7A Worksheets highlight the basic knowledge in 7A Textbook; 

have a teaching component; 

help students learn to organize and correctly write solutions to

 and save time for the teacher in searching for more problems. 

The 7th grade Math Worksheets can be used for :

independent work by the student; 

to assign homework;

 to conduct tests; 

and for practical work with applications.

These worksheets come directly from the 7th grdade math textbook. They consists of the examples from each lesson that have space for students’ solutions. The worksheets can be used for directed individual or group work in class.

The worksheets are to be used in tandem with the textbook. In addition to completing these worksheets, the full solutions, discussions, and remarks in the textbook should be carefully read and understood by the student.

Chapter 1. Initial Review and Pre-Tests

 1-2. Pre-Tests: Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Parts,

 Word Problems, and Plane Geometry

 3-4. Pre-Tests: Order of Operations, Plane Geometry,

 Number Theory, and Word Problems

  1. Pre-Test: Rational Numbers, Exponents, Spacial

 Geometry, Statistics, and Number Theory

  1. Pre-Test: Expressions, Exponents, Equations,

 Geometry, Number Theory, and Statistics

  1. Pre-Test: Rational Numbers, Expressions, Plane

Geometry, Equations, Statistics, and Divisibility

Chapter 2. Polyhedral Solids

  1. Prism. Regular Prism

 9-10. Right prism. Surface area of a Right Prism

  1. Surface area of a Right Prism. Exercises
  2. Volume of a Right Prism
  3. Volume/Surface Area of a Right Prism
  4. Pyramid. Regular Pyramid
  5. Regular Pyramid. Exercises
  6. Surface Area of a Regular Pyramid
  7. Surface Area of a Regular Pyramid. Exercises
  8. Volume of a Regular Pyramid
  9. Volume/Surface Area of a Regular Pyramid
  10. Summary of “Polyhedral Solids,” Parts I-II
  11. Tests 1-2 on “Polyhedral Solids”


Chapter 3. Round Solids

  1. Right Circular Cylinder
  2. Surface Area of a Cylinder
  3. Volume of a Cylinder
  4. Right Circular Cone

 27-28. Surface Area of a Cone. Exercises

  1. Volume of a Cone
  2. Sphere. Surface Area of a Sphere

 31-32. Ball. Surface Area and Volume of a Ball

  1. Summary of “Round Solids”
  2. Tests 1-2 on “Round Solids”


Chapter 4. Proportions

 36-38. Ratio. Proportion. Basic Property

  1. Properties of Proportions
  2. Applications of Proportions. Exercises
  3. The Extended Ratio a : b : c. Exercises
  4. Presenting Data via a Circular Diagram
  5. Summary of “Proportions”
  6. Tests 1-2 on “Proportions”


Chapter 5. Integer Expressions. Polynomials

 47-48. Integer Expressions. Numerical Value

 48-49. Add/Subtract Similar Monomials

  1. Multiply/Take Powers of/Divide Monomials

 52-53. Add/Subtract Polynomials. Standard Form

  1. Multiplying a Monomial w/ a Polynomial

 55-56. Multiplying a Polynomial w/ a Polynomial

  1. Summary of “Integer Expressions”
  2. Tests 1-2 on “Integer Expressions”


Chapter 6. Algebra on Polynomials. Part II

  1. The Formulas (a ± b)

3 = a3 ± 3a2

b + 3ab2 ± b3

  1. The Formulas a3 ± b3 = (a ± b)(a2 ± ab + b2)

 75-76. Exercises on Multiplying, Factoring, and More

  1. Test on “Algebra on Polynomials, Part II”