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Value and Expectations

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What is the added value? With Archimath

What is the added value?

There should be order, balance, and harmony in everything we do, teach, and learn. We cannot lower our standards when teaching mathematics to young minds. On the contrary, we must be especially careful because of the hierarchical structure of mathematics. And thus, the present textbook series* has found the golden ratios*:

mathematically sound and pedagogically sound; the practical and the inspiring.

The textbook series promotes at all times


  • Simplicity and Elegance: In anything we do, especially in mathematics.
  • Courage: Not being afraid to make mistakes and to learn from them.
  • Diversity of Ideas: Via multiple solutions to the same problem.
  • Learning to Think Deeply: Make connections with previously learned material.

These are not just catchy, “politically correct” phrases intended to sell more copies of this textbook. They truthfully describe this math program and help build a solid math structure, with adjoining “walls, windows, and doors,” through which to move from topic to topic and make connections between various concepts, formulas, and ideas.

For someone who has not worked deeply with mathematics before, the words love, creativity, and excitement are usually light years away from having anything to do with math. Yet, here they all are, in a testimony of a pilot 6 th grade parent, leading us to the next topic – How a student interacts with and feels about mathematics.


”Our daughter has learned to love math with the Bulgarian math curriculum. It stimulates not only her technical mathe matical abilities but also – lenges her to strategically and chalcreatively solve problems. This curriculum keeps her interested and excited.“


– Eve Maidenberg


What to expect from the students using this books?


The present program extends the mathematics taught in elementary school and completes it to a comprehensive K-12 math program that prepares students:


  • To enter high school and college with confidence in their math skills and knowledge.
  • To be successful at any level of high school and first-year college math classes.
  • To develop maturity and a life-long relationship with mathematics that will distinguish them among their peers and serve them well in any profession and in any endeavor in which they chose to engage.
  • To effectively learn from a textbook that’s deep, systematic and doable solution for parents who want the best math foundation for their kids.
  • Engaging math curriculum that students love, with reading and writing elements that develop critical thinking skills.
  • Rigorous materials that teach in depth problem-solving skills, preparing students for exams and build the necessary foundation for math contest.
  • Stepping board for Ap exam, preparation for successful college math curses (in particular SAT exams).
  • Problem-solving education that helps students excel in school and on tests while also encouraging them to pursue a deep, focused understanding of the content.
  • Challenging problems presented in a way that encourages students to keep trying, teaching perseverance, proofs and world problems.
  • Program that is deeply aligned with the Common Core Mathematics Standards and suitable as an in-depth supplement.